Tennis Court Booking Rules

  • Members can book indoor tennis courts (1,2,3) up to 22 days in advance and outdoor tennis courts (4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11) up to 8 days in advance. When booking indoor courts 22 days in advance, or outdoor courts 8 days in advance, the new booking sheets become available at 10 pm (eventhough the new booking sheets appear on the system just after midnight the day before).
  • You must select your opponent’s name, or select "Guest Adult £4 per 30 minutes" or "Guest Junior £1" (see below), to show on the booking sheets, as this will also facilitate the sharing of booking fees amongst members (see below).
  • Midweek Adult and Under 13 memberships-- playing restricted Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm.
  • Non-Member Parent playing with under 13 child must select "u13 with Non-Member Parent" as the playing partner/opponent.
  • U13 member playing with a "non-member parent":
    • Outdoor Courts -- must select "u13 with Non-Member Parent" as the playing partner/opponent
    • Indoor Courts -- must select the adult guest fee (and pay £4 per 30 minutes) as the playing partner/opponent..
  • "Side-by-side" court bookings are not allowed (more than one court at the same time).
  • Maximum 1.5 hours advance bookings per member per day, more can be booked on same day playing.
  • Booking a single 30-minute time-slot more than 48 hours in advance is not allowed.

Member Accounts & Booking Fees

  • Outdoor courts and floodlights are free of charge to all members.
  • Indoor peak and off-peak court fees are shown on the booking sheets and are also published on the Windsor Lawn Tennis Club's website (Junior members must be logged-in to see their discounted court fees).
  • Each member has an account within the booking system, which must be in credit in order for the member to be able to book an indoor court or to share fees.
  • Outdoor courts can be booked with (at least) £0 credit balance.
  • You can purchase credit (£25 minimum) with any credit/debit card when logged in. Your transaction will be processed by Stripe, and your booking system account will be credited immediately.
  • Members can share booking fees by using the facility to Transfer Credit. On the day playing, MYCOURTS will automatically send a Booking Reminder to all members on the booking sheets with a link to share the cost for those who were selected as the playing partner(s)/opponent(s).
    • Credit on Member's accounts is not refundable, but can be transferred to another member, by that member or on request to the Membership Secretary.

Guest Fees and Ball Machine

  • Guests can play with a member a maximum of 6 times per year.
  • Members must select "Guest Adult £4 per 30 minutes" or "Guest Junior £1 per 30 minutes" or "Ball Machine £2 per 30 mins" as the playing partner/opponent to show on the booking sheet.
  • The system will automatically add the guest/ball machine fee to the booking fee already paid.
  • If you are no longer playing a guest or using the ball machine, you can change your playing partner/opponent to a member, and the additional fee will be removed. This can be done any time before playing.
  • If you forget to select one of the Guest Fees as the playing partner/opponent before playing, then please be sure to use the facility to "Transfer Credit" to either the "Guest Adult £4 per 30 minutes" or the "Guest Junior £1 per 30 minutes" accounts on the system.
  • Members must also sign-in their guests and/or get the ball machine at the bar before going on court.
  • Ball machines can only be used on courts 4, 7, 10 and 11 between 10 am and 9.30 pm.

Cancellations & Refunds

  • When unable to use a reserved court, members should cancel the booking as soon as possible so that the court may be used by other members.
  • Indoor Courts
    • When an indoor court is cancelled more than 48 hours before the start time, the booking (and Guest Fee) is automatically refunded.
    • When an indoor court is cancelled within 48 hours of the start time the booking fee is automatically refunded only if the same court is re-booked by another member, otherwise the late-cancellation charge remains non-refundable.
  • Outdoor Courts -- no cancellation fees -- but please be sure to cancel ASAP in case of bad weather.

Court Etiquette and Rules


  • If you have a court booked but there are players on it and it is past the start time of your session, please signal politely to the players on court that you have booked and are waiting and the players must then vacate the court.
  • If your ball goes onto another court, wait until they stop playing until you either ask for the ball, or fetch it.
  • Always go round the net, not over it.
  • If you need to cross a court to get to another court, wait until the game has finished or the people playing on the court signal for you to cross - do not walk behind junior or adult players or a coaching session if they are playing a point.
  • Spectators should consider players' feelings and not offer advice, adverse comments or call out during games. Speak quietly if you have to use your phone near the courts.
  • Players should not shout or swear on court. Please act professionally and do not shout out during rallies.
  • If there is a match (team players representing WLTC only) and they have not finished in time, unfortunately you will not be able to play on the court. The club allocates court time to matches but on occasion they can overrun. Please go the bar and ask a member of staff for help you book a different court (depending on availability).


  • Tennis wear and tennis shoes are the only clothing permitted on court.
  • NO - vests, jeans, dresses, football kits, shoes which leave marks, or playing topless.


  • Only sports drinks or water, in sealed containers (no glass), are allowed on court, together with sports snacks.
  • No gum should be chewed on court.
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